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I don’t know if you have seen this banner.

‘OOO did! □□□ Budget △ △ △ △ △ △

Even if it is not the election season, these banners will take place in the neighborhood. The absurd thing is one thing that is one, but there are several people who are people. The lawmakers and the mayor are proud of each other. Then they also play a skim that fights with each other.

Whatever it is, if you are a politician, you have to drag your national expenses or dobi to the neighborhood. The neighborhood next to it is said to be there, but there is nothing in our neighborhood? The next election is almost as if it is burned.

Did you think about it? If you put billions or billions of dollars in our neighborhood, where will the money come from. If you think about it, I rarely use it, and I don’t have much business, but why don’t you say that you will spend a few million won in your tax? Can you agree?

Let’s talk about the budget of countries such as ‘good job’ politicians who have attracted their budget to our neighborhood, on the other hand, as ‘Rogue Nom’, which is located in the country.


Principles of budgeting

The principles of the budget shown in Article 16 of the National Finance Act include ① securing financial soundness, minimizing the burden of national burden, enhancing financial achievements, ④ transparency and national participation of the budget process, ⑤ Gender equality, ⑥ Countering climate crisis (2022.1 There are six types of ~).

The principle of general budget that can be applied to both the public and the private sector is the previous four cases, and if it expresses it more clearly, the financial soundness secure is ‘management of income and expenditure’, and ② Minimization of the national burden is ‘unnecessary expenditure’ Minimization of ‘, ③ enhancement of fiscal performance is’ use of efficient budget’, ④ transparency of budget processes and national participation are summarized as’ transparency of budget ‘.

In summary, when you want to organize something budget, if you have enough country budget, ② whether the business is a necessary project, ③ using the budget, whether you can make efficient results, and ④ Procedures necessary in the formation process You will have to see if you go through.

Let’s look at these four things one by one.

① First of all, it seems that it is not a big problem whether the country’s budget is sufficient. Korea is said to be the world’s top 10 economy. The budget is also large. It’s said to be hundreds of trillion. Therefore, if it is a super -large business of more than a trillion won, most of them need to be validated in the business itself, but do not need to worry about the country’s financial resin.

* The budget of local governments with small budgets should be concerned about it.

② The next necessity of the business is likely to be mixed for each party. Most of the residents must be promoted. However, there is a high possibility that you will not agree with this, and you may think that it is a preferential budget for some regions. Therefore, it is not enough to discuss the necessity simply by the needs of the residents.

In the case of national balanced development, which is often presented as a controversial argument, it is necessary to explain the need for the business. There are a lot of underdeveloped places nationwide, but to explain why to the area, the word ‘balanced development’ is not enough. To be possible, you mention below, but you need to be able to explain the ‘balance throughout the country’.

③ If so, the problem of budgeting eventually leads to the efficiency of the policy. The efficiency here is not ‘mechanical efficiency’. If you are not in the input output, but if you have enough cause, it is worth using it even if it is ‘inefficiency in the number’.

So what cause do you need? Ⓐ The beneficiaries of the policy are designed enough (prohibit a few benefits), ⓑ Relief of people who are suffering from fatal pain, risks, or inconvenience, or ⓒ It seems to be support for merit or socially underprivileged.

④ And the process of establishing the budget must go through the necessary procedures and the opinions of the relevant people must be fully. It is not a fast track like a “note budget” of some so -called powerful politicians.

There is also a justification for ‘dragging budget’

For example, I would like to hear that lawmakers are promoting the construction of a complex gymnasium with a swimming pool in the B elementary school. The above should focus on the efficiency of the policy.

Ⓐ Was the beneficiaries of the policy so much?

When I searched the article, it seems that the budget of around 10 billion won is needed to build a pool -type gym. If so, you can’t benefit from B Elementary School with a budget of 10 billion won. It is common for parents and neighbors to use this facility.

However, the use of these local residents is everywhere in the country. A lawmaker said, ‘It must be installed in our area!’ There is no reason to say. As a result, Clinic A must present more logic such as the area population that can be accessible to the facility compared to other regions, and there are no private facilities to replace them around.

Ⓑ Is it a project to save people who are suffering from fatal pain, risks or inconveniences?

For example, in the case of support projects for rare intractable diseases, it is necessary to continue to spend only a million won or 바둑이게임사이트 treatment costs for millions of won per time. Nevertheless, this budget is a very meaningful and desperate budget. If an individual pays these enormous costs, this is because the patient and the entire family are forced to break down, and they are likely to make extreme choices because they cannot pay for the treatment. It is a project to save people who are really fatal.

But what about the swimming pool gym? It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not fatal. There is no big difficulty in living. In this part, there is a lack of cause.

Ⓒ Is it part of the project that is balanced by the whole nation?

If you want to build a pool -type gym for the first time in the country, you will not be able to make a cause, but the project to build a pool -type gym has already been a lot in the country. We can tell you to install it too. To do this, however, we need to look at the ‘national distribution’ of this project.

In order to have a more justification, A has a lower installation rate in our region than other metropolitan cities and provinces nationwide, or △ recently installed only in other regions and not installed in our region. , I need more of these things. In addition, many places can be applied in the same metropolitan cities and provinces.

Ⓓ Is it a support policy for national merit or socially underprivileged?

The swimming pool gym is a general policy for elementary schools and neighboring residents, not a specific class, so there is a lack of justification. If you are promoting the construction of facilities in special elementary schools for the disabled, this cause will be strengthened.

In short, it is necessary to be able to persuade the budget authorities and the people of other regions of the many elementary schools nationwide.

* Source: Korea National Sports Center website in Gangseo -gu, Busan

Skip the demanding process and take the express train?!

The government’s budgeting process is really tricky. Even if the mid- to long -term procedure, such as the mid- to long -term business plan or the detailed procedures of each stage, is not discussed, ① Basic local governments (cities, counties, and districts) make drafts through consultation with local politicians. · · I must persuade them to enter the metropolitan cities and provinces, and ③ back to the central government’s ministries and persuade them to put them in the budget of the Buddha. The budget of these ministries must be made by the end of May every year.

Then the grim reaper is waiting. ④ The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, which is a budget authority, should be persuaded to ensure that the budget of the ministry can be a budget for the whole government. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance is very conservative because of the demands of many local governments and ministries. Therefore, local governments as well as central ministries are enormous to persuade the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance is not a bully.

This is not the end. ⑤ Finally, we must persuade members of the National Assembly to allow the government’s budget to pass the National Assembly. Up to 30 members of the Standing Committee, and then 50 members of the National Assembly’s Budget Settlement Committee are involved in the screening. Each of the members of parliament must keep the ‘my budget’ among lawmakers who want to take care of their areas.

*National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee: One of the standing committees of the National Assembly to examine budget and settlement.

The same is true for lawmakers A. Once you carefully check the situation of the basic local governments, you can make a related budget, and then persuade the local governments, the central ministries, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and the fellow lawmakers. There are so many things to do from the National Assembly.

However, there are very few lawmakers who carefully take care of the procedure. The final stage, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and the senior executives, we will try to solve it at once. There are plenty of parts that are difficult to carefully take care of individual projects because of the enormous amount of work, but in fact, they are trying to ‘skip’ the necessary efforts.

But this makes it difficult to persuade the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. In the back of the white, the person in charge of the department will re -examine the opinions on the relevant ministries. At that time, if the ministry or local government officials do not explain clearly, the person in charge of the list is likely to stick to its original position again. After all, if you have a justification and do not persuade them, it is difficult to cross the threshold.

I don’t know if you can say, ‘Would you like to put the minister, the room, and the director.’ In order to cope with this, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance says there is a practice that even a high -ranking official cannot ignore the opinions of the practitioners. Of course, it may be that only externally to block external breath.

He. This is the case of some members of the National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee, which has a decisive impact on the budget. In the final gateway to the budget, we do not hold on to the important points that the government wants. In this case, no matter how much the Ministry of Strategy and Finance will have a white flag. In this case, the note budget works. In the case of the so -called regime and leaders in each party, this authority can be exercised.

In this process, the procedure and cause are usually omitted. It is just a problem of ‘power’.

The wrong precedent leads to a repetition of the vicious cycle

At the end of the budget season every year, ‘hidden winners’ are revealed. What about the rest?

The members of the National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee, and some of the minority members who participate in the final discussion change every year (called ‘So So’). So, in order to enter the minority the following year, lawmakers should try to work together.

*Simple: Unofficial Council of the National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee, which finally coordinates and negotiates budget. It is called a subcommittee among the subcommittees.

And the decision of the minority is the main person of the party, so they try to be their aides to be the main parties of the party. In addition, people who are more influential than these are so -called regime. Therefore, in the case of the ruling party, it is natural to be loyal to the president to become the real world.

When they win the place, they will be the same according to the precedent. This is hard to refuse for the government. If you say, ‘Why did it happen last year, but not this year?’ The same is true for lawmakers and politicians, not the minority. I just did a business without a justification, so I can do it if my business is not justified. Even the general public think so. If the desired business is not in progress, local politicians believe that there is no ‘power’.

The project without a justification is omitted and proceeds, so the background is completely up to the general public. I wrote a radical expression of ‘thief’ in the title, but it’s not wrong.

* Source: Unsplash / Rafael Martins

The mid- to long -term plan and the principle of burden of beneficiary

There is no guarantee that the government must be neutral and balanced, but it is much better than the National Assembly or local lawmakers. In that sense, the budget should be based on the government, and the government’s plan should follow the government’s mid- to long -term plan.

The reason for going to the mid- to long -term plan is simple. Even if someone intervenes in the middle with ‘power’, it is not to be reflected immediately. This is the same as that the financial sector runs a ‘delayed withdrawal system’ to prepare for voice phishing.

*Delayed withdrawal System: A system enforced from June 26, 2012 to prevent voice phishing damage in the financial sector. If the amount of more than 1 million won is transferred and transferred at a time, withdrawal and transfer through the automated device (CD, ATM, etc.) for 30 minutes from the time of deposit.

In particular, the SOC budget, which has a lot of complaints in politics, needs to develop more and more in accordance with the mid- to long -term plan for efficient development of the country. In fact, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, will establish several mid- and long -term plans every five to 20 years, including the National Land Comprehensive Plan, the National Road Network Comprehensive Plan, the National Rail Network Construction Plan, and the Basic Transportation Plan. In principle, business that is not planned should not be carried out in principle, and if you really want to pursue a business, you should put it in a plan for many years.

*SOC (Social Overhead Capital): It is a social infrastructure that is essential for facilitating economic activities but not directly used for production activities such as roads and railways.

In the case of SOC business, which is accompanied by a large budget, it is necessary to strictly apply the principle of beneficiary burden. Occasionally, there is a request to install a vehicle control system at the entrance at the apartment. But if you vote for a resident, it’s almost a rejection. Because there are a lot of charges for each lake. But what if you say you will make your own profit? Probably most of the decision. After all, I don’t want to spend my money.

The SOC business is the same. I will establish a subway station in front of my house. Most never. If you have a station, it is useless to persuade the house price of 200 million. At the same time, I ask for the subway station for national expenses and local expenses. It is a selfish symbol that he will benefit for free due to the tax burden of others.

In the case of ‘wide -area transportation charges’, some of the new cities or redevelopment and reconstruction may develop SOCs by paying these beneficiaries. But this is not the case for the residents who lived. Some residents are dedicated to the burden. This is not right. For example, in all SOC development, residents, including existing residential residents, will pay for a certain percentage of the project cost, and most of them will be able to solve the demand for SOC construction nationwide.

However, what is going to be pointed out here is that it is the demand of various people. Substanding subways, and the swimming pool, etc. There are even a lot of absurd and unfair demands to make the room in front of my house, to make an indoor badminton field for the club, and to break through my clogged loans. But can politicians defeat these demands as no choice? As long as there are people who say, ‘What do you have in our neighborhood?’

If there are politicians who boast that ‘we’ve been dragged in our area,’ and if there are residents who demand so, they should be insulted to be like a thief who pops up in the country. That way, the ‘rogue guys’ will be reduced.

Sometimes, even if the government claims to be a necessary budget, it is not a lot of work that is ‘unnecessary’ because of the performance of some officials. The government’s promotion may not be a really necessary business, and each should be considered.