good morning

Bike shop in Nada Ward, Kobe City

I’m Riders Garden Ellison

This vehicle is “Folza”

I will replace the belt

Unlike moped, it is necessary to remove various things

If you can see the belt, the scooter is similar

Completion of exchange

However, there are vehicles that are useless just by replacing them.

That is this bike

It is a vehicle equipped with a mechanism that shifts with + and- even though it is a scooter.

It is necessary to say the initial setting

The place where the battery under the seat is stored.

Make this red coupler short -circuited and make the initial settings

In this vehicle, there is no response to the meter when the accelerator is fully opened at the beginning of the initial setting work. 。 。

I couldn’t set it

Even if you can’t do it, you can’t run

There is no response to the throttle. 。 。 。 There is a possibility of problems such as throttle sensors

When you start a problem with the throttle sensor or throttle body at Folza. 。 。 It is necessary to replace ECU. 。 。 It fits in

Let’s leave it alone

The delivery is completed by explaining to the owner

Dowa (*^ー^) ノ


October 23rd (Sun)

“Sweet Shrimp Katsudon Touring” will be held

: Meeting place and time:

Scheduled to depart at 7:00 at 6:30 in front of Ellison

If you would like to participate, please contact us.

Please also participate for the first time

We look forward to your participation

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ID “@ QQJ4881B”

We will also contact you for touring and events here.

Riders Garden Ellison

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Regular holiday Wednesday

2nd and 4th Thursday


-Disjil grass bee is the amendo

Gyeongan 歎 歎: A grass that calls the old love from the cheers

-Disjil grass bee is the amendo

Jeongseon Gohan -eup One small picnic

Four pairs of couples in church are

Under the lane road across from the makguk makguk house for lunch

Flowers of the flowers of the bee bleeding flowers flowers flowers

Sometimes I set an assortment next to the white Gujeolcho bench

I sit down and say hello to the flowers.

I’m welcoming, how are you?

The sun is good and the sun is good

Is the pain that hurts better?

Gohan is not high and cold

It’s just the name of two villages.

The sentence that ‘my father was the last miner’

It is straight to the wall, and inadvertently sad

I’m busy with my 카지노사이트 쿠폰 old mother alone.

“Everyone work in the casino and there is no hand.”

“Gambling, the Anaks are sometimes worked.”

In the briquettes, the smell of gas is rotten in the brazier.

I went to Man Hangjae and walked with a huge wings

1,330 meters highest roads that can go by car

Hambaeksan Wind Power Plant Wings Brilliant Wind

Wildflower Park Gondenamul Goryeo Thistle Snow Riding Horse

Seeing a strange wild flower, looking at it relaxed

That amazing shape that embraced the eyes

Pentagon is out, pretty pentagon star fern star

Looking back, this amazing flowers overflowing all over the way

The name of the flower is’ His Jil Pul ‘is unfamiliar’

Not the noble turmoil nor cho ‘

Just a small grass that keeps the top of the mountain

‘Jil Pool’ like an old friend Dal -ni friend

Memories Everest Treking 10 years ago

Himalayan flowers who met a lot of roads on the way to Namche Dingbot

Unfamiliar flowers that bloomed in Gosan in Sacheon, Sacheon

Himalayan wildflowers suddenly comes to mind

Take every road and guide ankaila Angkaila

The flowers that were asked for each staying accommodation and the notes

‘Mendo’ is a flower in Nepali, Mendo is Korean

이 이 아 아 아 아 아 아 아 아 아 아 아 꺼 꺼 꺼 꺼 꺼 꺼 꺼 꺼 이 이 이

I remember the tip of my fingertips that I was tightly notes

Lodge’s deeper early evening rich coffee cup sound

The hands of the flowers that were raised and drew

We grew up like that, ripened, memories, and stayed

I miss the blog for a long time


Longda fluttering South Bazaar

Perryche glacier river yak shit bonfire

All things that have passed are beautiful

The old things are fine and Asuna

Spill out

That there are things to miss

I just appreciate it today

Good lived

Things that I miss are far away, always