Typhoon this weekend.

Heavy rain → cloudy → sunny → heavy rain …

Repeated in small increments

Somehow a terrible weather.

Today is

Remember that GT World Challenge Europe has

I decided to see it while proceeding with slot.it’s 35GTR

The time was a bit off

Watch the Australian version of the same series.

(The 888 driver familiar with slot cars also drives AMG GT3)

As a result, I watched with a dark arm that I couldn’t work.

I’m still doing an interesting race in the world ~

Roughly speaking

I guess it was another turbulence in the final match of F1 last year.


I’m Aki Yashiro (laughs) 🤣

Race 2 on Saturdays and Sundays, events in Sunday finals.

The race is also decided in 60 minutes, so we recommend listening to it full.

👉 If you want to see the racing highlights in time saving → Skip until 1: 05: 00

👉 What? Isn’t the car you see in the slot car (skele)? 더존카지노 ? teeth

→ Skip until 1: 14:20

Nevertheless, the players, of course, the live commentary and commentary are laughing.

If it changes, is it?


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