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As I became a dad, I thought I should make a lot of money.

She is important to make a lot of money as she grows up, but she thought it was also necessary to give basic backing for children to start social life.

Many people think negatively about the word ‘gold spoon’. I do not think so. It is a person who sounds negative with gold spoons. It is the qualification of those who are not chosen as gold spoons or who have not passed on the gold spoon.

I decided to be a rich father.

It was also understood that from the worker’s point of view of reading many economic books as the first step of rich father and earning more income through more labor, creating wealth was more suitable for the capitalist era.

There was a problem that was difficult to solve only one thing,

How can we enter the path of a capitalist from the sweet temptation of salary? It was.

‘Dad’s first money study’ author Park Sung -hyun, writer,

I started practicing living without a salary through parental leave. And he was reborn as a capitalist through his efforts to form capital without salary.

A secret to achieving economic freedom found after 18 years of salary slave.

Write down the contents of the economic freedom of ‘Dad’s first money study’.

1) Flying kite

It is not easy to blow the kite on the day without a wind. Hold the kite. If you don’t run hard, the kite will never fly over the sky. Even if you come to mind in the winding breeze, you must have to sell your eyes for a while. If you sit down on the floor, give up and go home, just finish with it. No one will run with a kite on behalf of you, and even if you have lucky luck to fly by itself in an unexpected big wind, the kite will no longer be yours.

But if you float a kite to some extent, you don’t have to run around or try to fly to a higher place. I just feel the wind swelling above the high sky that I have never been to, and just enjoy it.

2) Salary

The salary of the salary is a stable method of financing, and its status is an effective leverage. In addition, the workplace of the salary is a school without a tuition fee to become a smart businessman. The important thing is to prepare to live as a master of money while living as a salary slave.

It is said that the best retirement is not retirement. Economic freedom. Until you have a perfect preparation to get, you need to make the most of the lever of salary. Remember that you have to endure until you can hold it, not to eat and live in the future.

3) Saving stress

The lighting of my toilet is a 20W LED lighting. If you convert the cost of the use of this light into an electricity bill, the average monthly is about 1,200 won. This is only about 1.7 won per hour. Since I informed my wife of the calculation results, nagging has been drastically reduced, and peace has come to the family. There is no doubt that this peace is worth more than 1.7 won for wives and children. It was clear that the saving stress between the wife and the children, triggered by the use of the toilet light, originated from ignition. This is why technology and information are needed to save.

4) Investment study

Many people make mistakes after stepping into the world of investment are likely to be ignorant. To swim, you have to learn swimming, and to speak English, you have to study English. Surprisingly, however, those who want to invest will succeed without studying properly. Just as you jump into the water without learning swimming, you can lose money if you jump into the investment without studying investment. Why don’t you know this simple and clear principle? The reason is surprisingly simple. I didn’t know if I had to try after my investment.

5) Conan of Ryan’s graduation speech

Conan O’Brien, the host of the famous American talk show, was still spoken at the 2011 Dartmouth University Graduation Ceremony. At the time he said:

“Today you have achieved one great achievement. It is only one achievement of life given to 92%of the Americans of your age. College graduation! you’re right. You have a university diploma to become overwhelmingly advantageous than the 8%of the population of the American population in the job seeking market. The 8%of the fools who dropped out of the university we know well are, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. ”

6) Taxation

The rules set by the supermarket were simple. It is charged 700 won for those who buy one ice cream, and sells seven at once at a total of 3,000 won. Therefore, there was no mistake in the salesperson’s behavior, which required 3,500 won by calculating ice cream to 700 won for children who want to buy five ice cream. Like a civil servant, they just applied the rules they created. My son also followed the rules they set, so there is no fault. Of course, if the salesman had asked, “If you buy seven, why do you come to five people and buy only four with similar money?”

It was a problem if the son did nothing wrong, but it was not smart. If he stole one ice cream from an ice cream storage for a friend and had five children happily ate ice cream, it would have been a criminal act like ‘tax evasion’, but if he brought two more ice cream and made seven, the clerk is something strange. It must have been scratched as if it were scratched and raised ‘3,000 won’ on the counter price difference. This is the ‘tax’.

7) Cash is needed to invest

Cash that doesn’t work is worth it, but the cash prepared to do a bigger work is very valuable. This is why I go to work from my childhood and go to school without making money. The cash prepared for more efficient investment while studying and studying investments becomes ‘gold’, not ‘garbage’.

Warren Buffett said. “The stock market is not a strike game. Ball. Every time you fly, you don’t have to wield a bat every time. ” In real baseball, the batter can only wait for a good ball, but it can be out of three strikes, but in the stock market. Even if you keep waiting for a good ball to hit, you can’t get out. It is also a good investment strategy to prepare the cash to invest and wait for the desired stock to be the price you want.

Don’t forget that cash is needed not only for consumption, but also for ‘investing’.

8) The difference between gambling and investment

The definite difference between gambling and investment is the value of investment. The act of sipping money has nothing to do with economic value creation. If I lose a lot of money, I don’t know if it can increase the economic value of the casino. But investing in stocks contributes to the development of the company, the development of the economy, and the development of the country. Real estate investment also helps to create economic value -added, which can lead to residential and commerce through land development.

9) Insurance and investment

The cost of insurance is not a waste even if the “bad thing I had prepared” does not happen. However, the cost of investment is not a waste of time to be satisfied with the “good thing I wanted”. In other words, insurance is investing in the future that will worsen, and investments can be used to make insurance in the future. However, insurance will be sad because it is bad 카지노게임사이트 at the same time, even if you make a profit, and investments will be pleased if you have good things. This is one of the reasons you should be more active in investing instead of insurance.

10) Umbrella and straw scenes strategy

If there is a rise in exchange rates or stock prices, there is a decline, and if there is a drop, it is the basic market flow. Therefore, if the exchange rate rises, the dollar sells the dollar to determine the profit, and if the share price rises, the company has set a strategy to sell stocks by selling stocks. This was similar to the money of an umbrella longevity son earned on the rainy day when the mother with an umbrella longevity and a straw -god longevity son earned, and on a clear day, the money of the strawen son’s son earned. If you do this, your mother will be able to take money on almost every day.

The “umbrella and straw -new investment strategy” I founded was effective. On the day the stock price drops, the dollar sold the price by selling the price due to the price, and on the day when the stock price rose, the price dropped with the price of the price. This is a strategy that meets the principle of investment by Warren Buffett.

[Covering the bookshelf]

I and many people lived as they were. It seems that the typical salary struggle that the world has set up in the frame, rather than a special challenge, seems to have lived in the frame. Study hard, go to a good university, enter a large company, work hard to promote, and retire when you can’t go up anymore. Looking back, the company that offered a youth disappeared in my life, and now only my family has no independent seats. And I do anything to earn a living again.

It is a bitter but many reality. It is very big for me in my 40s. I really worked to die. Even now. Children are getting farther away from me, and the only thing left is the pressure on the company’s work and evaluation.

I have no time when I am the main character. Economic freedom is to find my subjectivity. I am the main character and do what I want to do. The dichotomous thinking that only the value of labor is good should be thrown away. It is irresponsible to pass the hardship of the fleet to the future. In the age of capitalism, you must do thoughts and actions for capitalism. That way, I can be happy, and our family can be happy.

Maybe it’s too late? But when I thought it was late, it was not late. It was late when it was not even late. I decided to be a rich father.