There are words that have different lights over time. Even if the meaning does not change significantly, the concentration and saturation are different in social flow. The same is true of ‘self -made’. The 70’s and the present feelings are very different, and I think it’s a word that will change in the future. It is becoming unclear even if the scope of ‘self’ is.

JD was the main character of Hillville’s Song. The novel of the same name is adapted, and the novel Hillville’s Song is a book that received the attention of the media that it is a clue to understanding the Trump era even though it is an individual’s extremely autobiographical novel. Find the reason and follow JD’s retrospective.

JD suddenly receives a call from his sister Lindsey after graduating from Yale Law School. He can’t help but protest that he’s about an important interview. The film looks at his journey alternately with his past and the present and scans the entire family. He is the root of the Kentucky region, who is dressed up in a suit and sits out of a group of lawyers.

Somewhat rough neighbors. Neighbors are fighting for a day. Nevertheless, they take off their hats in front of the permanent tea and have an example. They don’t say affectionate to be strong, but they are ordinary neighbors who hand out concrete and practical help or maintain the right distance. It was just unable to settle down to any system of society. JD’s mother is no exception, so he floats like Dandelion Hall and lives like a person without tomorrow. Sorry for his son’s mistake, and he is frowning and smiling, but he is much more unstable than the children.

Today’s JD is definitely standing elsewhere with them. The world’s “good” work is approaching and standing in a middle -class place between many people and his roots. It’s a dragon in the so -called stream, but it’s actually an unstable place. The place next to the people who will meet in the future feels like a bird next to the stork. There is an uneasy place to slip there. The embarrassing place realized that the soil that he had rooted and lived would be a weakness in others.

There is only one choice there. To fulfill the growth of as much as possible in the place where you can’t break your roots and cannot follow. Hominantly accepts and goes on the fact that you can only move one step at a time at any starting point. I thought I was underlined with Kim Ae -ran’s short story. Such little steps continue to take us elsewhere.

Sometimes I hear the news of the dragon somewhere in the stream, but I can hear that the jackpot bursts from anyone, but it’s also a total of all steps. It’s not like this, it’s not sitting in the casino, and it’s just a great progress for those who live on the day.

JD and Lindsey also walked out of their mother’s seat. It was certainly their efforts that they did not step on the trains of Beb. Bebve used too much energy to pour out his regret of what he didn’t enjoy and what he had not received. That repentance also came from the parents’ generation. Lindsie embraces all the returns he had for such a mother and accepts his life. The same is true for JD. In the end, he does not miss his family, and he takes a step away from his family’s regret. After that was the existence of a grandmother.

Grandma teaches him from childhood. Don’t fight first, but if someone walks, it’s definitely finished the fight. It gives a sense of stability that the family will help somehow, and the JD makes it not satisfied and stopped. It keeps studying, encouraging grandchildren, and not making a crooked. Even in difficult situations, they teach them from losing their standards, and at the same time, their strings with mothers are not broken.

Grandma teaches JDs that he should try in a world where he should not try. The grandmother’s teaching could have a difference in ‘one step’. Unlike a friend who sees a turtle that is hurt by the back of the lump, he is in a right place to say it will be better soon. Even if the violence flowing from Hillville’s men is not together when it comes out of the poor teenagers. When JD, who later became an adult, stopped emotions in front of the voices of children and women, actually more violence hidden behind the door. From very small to small, it changes and improves.

For this reason, the film is highly regarded as a ‘impressive story’ of the character who achieved the location. My grandmother, who teaches the power of effort, and a successful grandchild in the end of the words, he managed to create a good picture.

I don’t like myself, I want to blame others, and I still choose to grow little by little. Of course it is important. This story would have been half -side for everyone in the old days. For someone, this became an empty sound.

The film contains the face that makes you realize how big the aspects that cannot be done by the effort as well as the effort of effort. This is a white man who shouts inequality and reverse discrimination, but it is not a dream for those such as Balaam of White Tiger, which are not for anyone.

The world where JD lives has a system that is sensitive to child protection. When you ask for help and jump into your neighbor’s house, even if your opponent is a child’s parents, the police will come right away. There is a society in society who says, “It may be everyday to you, but this is wrong.” Of course, even those adults 바카라 cannot reach the family, but the minimum lines of the lines also give someone’s life.

Although it is relatively difficult, it is also a big difference that there is some belief that JD has room for effort, and that the effort will lead to results. In a society that believes that there is a certain proportional relationship with efforts and achievements, JD’s grandmother can receive free food support, and JD works harder and helps JD. It may have been different in countries with no support, and in a country where the meaning of effort is likely to be out. I remember how Balaam’s grandmother treated Balaam.

It is not to disparage the value of effort. It was their efforts that JD and Lindsey went one step step. To forgive, try to go. However, the light of the word can not deny the feeling of gradually fading. JD is definitely a good figure, and Hillville’s Song is a beautiful story, but it is the inconvenience that is felt by those who are called Hillville’s Song. He hid the existence of privileges and swung it as a shield of those who mentioned only efforts.

In the world, the hole method is no longer successful. It has been a long time since unearned income has surpassed labor income, and it has become a floor between people and people. Except for the extreme minority, everyone has become unhappy for each reason, and I think that it is twisted somewhere and something wrong.

But this is also a task that has fallen to humanity today. We inherit the peace and pain, the beauty and the weight together. Not only Hillville, but also white tiger, as well as us. Someone has less opportunities, and we continue to recognize and think about this world that is blocked by someone.

While hugging. While touching the baton. As you open your eyes and get away from yesterday’s us. Opening the narrow door. While holding the door for the next person. While talking with those who are willing to spend the night for each other. While hurt. Do not give up but try not to despise anyone.

Meeting each other like that.

“MLM”, where members invite new members and earn referral fees. The number of consultations on young people who were invited to be “easy to do” is also stopped in the Chugoku region. What stands out is “Multi -no -Multi” such as virtual currency and side jobs. It is characterized by approaching through smartphone apps and SNS (exchange sites). The regrets of the victims who have fallen into the traps lurking very close seem to be deep. [Photo] Notebook that wrote down the explanation received from the recruiters, “No passive. If you want to change!” “I was a normal office worker, but now I live in a good house and ride a luxury car. I can earn with personal connections.” Venue in the center of Hiroshima City. On the stage, “lecturers” dressed in branded goods appear one after another and talk about successful experiences. About 100 young men and women gathered in the spacious hall. Many people are nodded. A woman in Hiroshima (21), who participated, recalls, “The heat is amazing. I got on the flow.” It is said that you can get a reward by earning at an online casino overseas 사설홀덤 and introducing it to someone. I didn’t know the mechanism, but in an hour’s “appointment time”, the woman called an acquaintance to solicit. A few days after the seminar, he was called to an office in Hiroshima city, and received a detailed explanation from three men and women in their 20s from Tokyo. 500,000 yen is required as a registration fee to participate in online casinos. Despite being confused by the amount, it was persuaded that “Japan is a country where salaries do not increase. It is better to invest a little and make a lot of money?” Three weeks later, an acquaintance who knew the background was pointed out as a “typical multi -commercial law.” He went to the office and said, “I want to quit,” and was preached for more than an hour. “It’s impossible to invest in myself.” “Can I lose?” I managed to stop, but the cooling -off (cancellation of the contract) had passed and 500,000 yen did not return. There were about 8700 consultations related to MLM sent to the National Life Center in FY2021. In the Chugoku region, 559 cases, in their 20s, account for more than 40 %. In many cases, consumer finance is borrowed from consumer finance, saying, “Everyone can make money” and “everyone is starting after debt.” In many cases, the amount of investment is unable to collect it, or that an unreasonable solicitation breaks human relationships. The inviting demon’s hand is lurking very close to young people. One of them is matching apps and town con to look for lovers. A man in Okayama (25) went to dine with a woman he met in the matching app. From a bland conversation, I was suddenly invested in overseas business, saying, “I want to make money and filial piety. Let’s make a dream together.” The woman is furious when she refuses. I was cursed. “I was shocked to see me seriously.” A friend told me that I was invited to invest in cryptocurrencies in the town con and deposit 300,000 yen. Men say, “I’m going to be distrustful of humans.” In some cases, a trap is set up in the working circle. A female employee in Hiroshima, who likes exercise (23), was about to sell a water purifier of 100,000 yen per unit with a futsal team found on SNS. When I talked about stiff shoulders and back pain, I was surrounded by a few people, saying, “Drinking the water coming out of this water purifier can be healthy. It is safer than a plastic bottle, and if it sells to other people, a margin will be entered.” 。 I was scared and stopped the circle. Then I started watching SNS with care. “There are many ways to invite multi to basketball or barbecue,” he said. Recently, I have come to understand the purpose of the other party in the text, so I ask suspicious people, “Is it a multi?” Then he will never be contacted again. “Many people are malicious on the net. You need the power to determine.”