I lived in California, USA for five years. Among them, I lived for more than two years in LA, and LA was the most fantastic city I had lived. Of course, there are only three cities I’ve lived so far. But I think that the city I’ve been to so far will be over thirty.

1. Weather and beautiful nature

The weather is by far the world’s best. The name Los Angeles is Hispanic, which means “the city of angels,” which seems to know why. It rarely rains. 27 days of 30 days is clear. There are few cloudy days. Looking at the blue sky every day, I think it will be better to get depression. The temperature is just suitable. In winter, 더존카지노 it falls around 10 degrees and it is around 30 degrees in summer. It is a good weather to work outside because it maintains a temperature of about 20 degrees a year. I know why Hollywood actors and rich people live in LA.

I actually admired the weather for more than two years. If this weather comes out of Korea, people will be able to have a picnic that it is good, and LA is always this weather. There is really no city of angels. Thanks to this, I traveled a lot with my friends and made me out of the house. It is a bonus that has pretty beaches and mountains around. The mountains are not the same mountains as in Korea, but there are many low vines, so they look more beautiful. The palm trees are soon a lot, so they always feel like traveling. When you drive the palm trees on the road, you will be mistaken for whether I have been playing here or living here. My mouth hurts because I praised the weather so I will do it here.

2. World -class tourist destination

LA is famous for its global tourist destination. The reason why there are many tourists in LA is because there is a lot of fun. There are a lot of fun, including the world’s famous Hollywood, in LA, a variety of amusement parks, Beverly Hills, beaches, and many restaurants with many luxury shops. So when I study abroad in LA, there are so many places to go to play with friends in the middle. You can also shop in Beverly Hills or play in the water at Santa Monica Beach. If you don’t like that, you can go to the amusement park, such as Universal Studio, Disneyland, Six Flag, etc. If you have a car every day and even cars, it’s really gold.

There are many places not only in LA but also around. If you drive for 5-6 hours by car and go out, you have Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also a representative resort city and is perfect for casinos and hotel tours. There is also a Grand Canyon near Las Vegas. It is selected as the first place to go before the BBC selection. He is fascinated by the vast nature. Only then will Santa Barbara come to the north for two hours. It is famous for its beautiful beach. For two hours south, San Diego comes out. San Diego is also famous for its pretty beaches. There are so many places to go to play, so how would you live?

3. Various races

LA is famous for living with various races. White, Asian, South American, and blacks live in LA in their own way. For example, LA has many immigrants, including Korean Town, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Thai Town, and Westlake, where many Latin people live. As there are many races, the biggest advantage is that there are fewer racial discrimination. Cities with less racial diversity are inevitable because white people are mainstream. But LA lives by understanding each other because he really meets multinational people. It is also the best city for Koreans to live because there is a Korean town.

If you study or work in LA, you can meet people of various nationalities. LA is really a miniature of the earth. You can enjoy a variety of food and culture. I also lived in LA and met many Asians. In particular, I am interested in Japanese culture, so I was able to make a lot of Japanese friends. I wouldn’t have dreamed if I went to an area where I had a relatively low race.

In this way, LA is a great place to live. I still want to go to LA again. I wish I could go again someday.

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